mamma mia, here we go again…

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know the news – I’m pregnant again! This time is a liiiiittle different, because we’re expecting identical twins! *Bonus round* as my dad says…

After the initial screaming and blank stares, I admit, we are pretty excited about the news. I haven’t been sure what to expect as much with pregnancy, but I’m sharing some information as I go. Also, for those asking, my 5 month bump looks a lot like the first pregnancy at 7 months… so let’s see how big this ole’ girl is gonna get!

Anyway, I wanted to answer a lot of questions we’ve been getting:

No, twins do not run in our families. We have some here and there but there is not a strong genetic pattern for twins. Also, identical twins aren’t genetically influenced (per my doctor),  it’s more a random occurrence of an egg that decides to split in two.

Yes, I will keep working! This one is so odd to me. Yes, three kids are a lot. No, I do not identify as a stay at home housewife. Nothing wrong with that lifestyle, but I tried it for six weeks home with my firstborn and I was dying to have an adult conversation and put on real clothes. Walking around the block alone for the first time felt kinda like I had just been released from prison. Lol. Home life just isn’t my thing.

Yes, it feels different. I’m getting bigger faster. I’m tired, and not just because of chasing around our daughter and walking the dog – growing two babies is flat out exhausting. Not to mention the endless appointments – with twins, you see your regular ob (we used the most amazing midwife the first pregnancy, but she moved to California!), then every two weeks you see a specialist for ultrasounds (to make sure they are both growing equally), along with a few others here and there, like fetal heart specialists. It’s all just ‘ticking the boxes’ and making sure everything is checked…but it’s very time consuming. Thankfully, our daughter started school so I can still enjoy my midday pregnancy naps like the first time around!

No, we did not use fertility treatments. Enough said I hope. You’d be amazed at how many strangers ask this extremely personal question. But, then again, people feel entitled to ask you whatever they are thinking when you’re pregnant. Some even feel its okay to touch your stomach. Le sigh.

We are still figuring a lot out. So many people ask, “What will you do? How will you manage?” and say really inspiring and uplifting comments like “Three kids under 3, I’ll pray for you!” Yes we know parenting is hard, being working parents is hard, and having three kids is hard. We’re getting into a groove as full time parents since our nanny left (major reality check), but we also remind ourselves that people do this literally every day and survive just fine. So we don’t have all the answers yet but we will do what works best for us, whether it’s seeking the help of a nanny, babysitters, visiting family, etc.

Yes, I am going to post a lot of pregnancy style again. Being pregnant makes me way more comfortable and experiential with my style – normally I’m anti bodycon/tight clothing, but being pregnant is all about embracing what is happening & the changes you’re going through. It’s the freaking miracle of life! So expect lots of outfits between here and my Instagram. For now, I’m still sticking to mini dresses and ankle boots most days, like today.

Now… I need some help from you. What are your twin MUST HAVES, tricks, tips, etc? I’m putting together a list and I’d love your twin baby advice! To be frank, I’m freaking out a bit!

Dress: Spacedye dress (non maternity), white ankle boots, Quay sunglasses, Drybar “The Cosmo” blowout

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