is simplicity here to stay?

During quarantine (or qtine, as I endearingly refer to it), I’ve taken a significantly scaled back approach to my wardrobe. Gone are the days of coordinating pencil skirts with my lipstick, the right sneaker with a bold minidress. For the last 6 months, I’ve been a creature of comfort in a palette of neutrals. While I have embraced this simplistic style and seriously putting my statement earring inventory into healthy rotation, I started wondering this week: is simplicity here to stay? Are we ready to have a wardrobe dedicated to classic and pared down pieces? Part of me says yes, absolutely. The other part is internally weeping for the collection of gowns, heels, and handbags that I coveted for years that now sit gathering dust.

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I find myself reflecting on vintage photos of my grandmother from decades past, a put together and ladylike similar to classic movie starlets like Grace Kelly and media icons like Betty Draper. It was a moment in fashion time when you wouldn’t dare consider leaving the house without dressing for the occasion. In some ways, I think this could be the way of the future again. If other decades have made their habitual resurrection season after season (I’m looking at you, 60s boho babe), who’s to say the 2020s can’t be an ode to the fashion of the 1950s? Think understated but flawless hair and makeup paired with tailored, feminine styles, topped with a face mask.

The future remains uncertain, on many levels. I leave you with these questions: When will we leave the house again? What will we do, where will we even go? And of course, as equally important, what will we wear? 

For now, a selection of some of my simple summer qtine fashion.

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