sustainability + examining your habits

I’ve always tried to be aware of my footprint on the world – from my diet to my trash to my consumerism etc. It can be…overwhelming for a lack of a better word, but worth the fuss, I think. Since becoming a mom, it’s actually amplified – I have a tendency to not just read labels, but to scan them with certain apps to measure toxicity. I research companies and their social impact before purchasing something as simple as say, deodorant. I buy shower gel from independent brands that advertise building schools in Africa vs. brands that have marketed to me my entire life. The millenial crush, from a commercial standpoint, is a brand who tells you your purchases are more than what you’re taking home –they pay it forward, they do good down the line that justifies you buying whatever xyz is.

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wardrobe essentials: little baby basics from carter’s

Note: This post is sponsored by Carter’s, however, all opinions and clothing selections are my own.

It’s no secret that having a baby is a lot of work. Between Googling what’s normal and what’s not, deciding what diapers to buy, what foods to introduce, sleep schedules, milestone timelines, and other complicated topics, one thing that’s easy to cross off the list is how to outfit your baby in easy and comfortable clothing for their day to day activities. For me, I’ve found beauty in the simplicity of Carter’s little baby basics.

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spring cleaning + practicing self care at home

It’s only April in Miami but my goodness, things have begun to seriously heat up. I went through a phase a few years ago where I lived in straw hats, and somehow over the years they have all seemed to disappear. This week, I went ahead and got a new one to protect my skin from the sun and emit summer vibes even on a ho-hum work day.

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adventures in mumhood: solid foods

Hooray! We’ve reached the point where baby is no longer subsiding strictly on breast milk. This means (slightly) more sleep for me and we get to enjoy the fun faces that come with tasting new foods for the first time. A co-worker introduced me to the book The Wholesome Baby Food Guide, but we’ve also just let her taste things as we eat them. Since I’ve been vegetarian and much more aware of what I consume for the past 6 months, I’m totally comfortable letting her try the food I am eating.We started out with one veggie at a time, for 3 days, then changing to the next, until we had enough options to mix into new flavors and give her something interesting and new to stay excited about food.

How did we know when it was time to introduce food? I went through 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding, and towards the end, she watched every little thing we were eating and even simulated the motion of dragging food across surfaces and to her mouth. She was ready!

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