adventures in mumhood: solid foods

Hooray! We’ve reached the point where baby is no longer subsiding strictly on breast milk. This means (slightly) more sleep for me and we get to enjoy the fun faces that come with tasting new foods for the first time. A co-worker introduced me to the book The Wholesome Baby Food Guide, but we’ve also just let her taste things as we eat them. Since I’ve been vegetarian and much more aware of what I consume for the past 6 months, I’m totally comfortable letting her try the food I am eating.We started out with one veggie at a time, for 3 days, then changing to the next, until we had enough options to mix into new flavors and give her something interesting and new to stay excited about food.

How did we know when it was time to introduce food? I went through 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding, and towards the end, she watched every little thing we were eating and even simulated the motion of dragging food across surfaces and to her mouth. She was ready!

Here’s what a sample day of food looks like, now that we’ve tested enough food to know what she likes the most and also has high nutritional value.

Breakfast: 2oz organic baby oatmeal (mixed with breast milk); followed by 3oz breast milk in a bottle

Snack: 1oz organic unflavored coconut yogurt (sometimes with fresh fruit added for flavor)

Lunch: 30z pureed peas (she loves veggies, just like moi!), sometimes mixed with pear or avocado, followed by 2-3oz of breast milk or formula.

Snack: teether wafers or fruit in a teething pacifier (these are great because they catch the seeds, but allow her to taste new fruits and also eat a little bit. So far we are loving kiwis and strawberries). Also 3-4 oz of milk or formula.

Dinner: 2-3oz sweet potatoes (sometimes with a little carrot snuck in. As you can tell my the photos….carrots are still a work in progress!)

Night time snack: 3-4 oz of milk or formula to help her sleep through the night.

Of course, every baby has a different food routine. This is just works for us. And even though I am a vegetarian, I will be open to letting her try chicken and other things that spark interest in her. She has tried soups and smoothies and other things that we’ve eaten. Some days, when she’s going through a growth spurt or is feeling sick, she only wants the bottle.

WARNING: Diapers become a whole new ball game. Prepare accordingly!

Disclaimer: Please note I am not a certified nutritionist or advisor on children’s diets, I am simply sharing what we do and how our journey with food has gone so far. Always seek the professional opinion of your pediatrician, but also, do your research! The more questions I have at each appointment, the more productive we are with our time.

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