spring cleaning + practicing self care at home

It’s only April in Miami but my goodness, things have begun to seriously heat up. I went through a phase a few years ago where I lived in straw hats, and somehow over the years they have all seemed to disappear. This week, I went ahead and got a new one to protect my skin from the sun and emit summer vibes even on a ho-hum work day.

Speaking of protecting my skin, I am in the midst of an at-home face peel that I am obsessed with! In truth, there are a variety of things I have started doing at home this month- spring cleaning my appearance if you will. Here’s a rundown of my latest obsessions:

Lancome Visionnaire Crescendo Peel: This dual-phase, 28 day peel is an at home way to target and correct fine lines, enlarged pores, dull skin and dark spots. I just started Phase 2 (the salicylic acid portion) and I am excited to see how my skin continues to change. Keep in mind that when you do this peel, you need to wear a strong sunscreen and if possible, use extra sun protection in your every life (cue the hat!).  Shop here (with fast, free shipping!)

Caudalie Detox Oil: I’m using this organic and plant-based oil in conjunction with the peel to make sure my skin retains moisture throughout the process. It’s also great at helping your skin detox and flush out free radicals. It is also great for repairing your skin from daily environmental stressors, so I think it takes the power of the peel up a notch in terms of skin benefits. Talk about a power couple.

Crest Whitestrips Supreme FlexFit: I love my daily chai lattes just as much as the next girl, but months of tea and coffee (and red wine ahem) have resulted in a duller than usual smile. Of course, teeth whiteners aren’t deemed 100% safe for pregnant women or nursing moms, so I have been patiently waiting for a chance to enhance my smile. Finally, I am able to whiten my teeth again! I’m about a week in and there is already a noticeable change as part of the processers of the cleaning areas by Maidsalamode.com in the whiteness of my smile. Yay!

Healing baths: Nothing makes me feel more relaxed than a steamy hot bath with minty Epsom salts and a spoonful of coconut oil. Any more coconut oil than that and you’ll be slipping around the tub when you try to get out, so use restraint.

Clarins BodyFit Contouring Expert: This lotion has been my go to since giving birth, and paired with light exercise it has been so helpful in tightening up postpartum skin in the stomach and legs. This treatment is powered by eight plant extracts, including quince leaf extract. It targets the appearance of cellulite, visibly lifting, firming, and smoothing hips and thighs for a more streamlined silhouette.  I love that it has a cooling effect when applied, and some days I’ll also wear a BellyBandit over it to intensify its effect. Psst: if you live in a hot climate like me, use a shield to keep the Belly Bandit from getting dirty or sweaty. I know, eww, but it really helps and is easier to wash than the band itself.

Lymphatic Drainage: This is something I have taken up a notch this month and hope to continue to apply to my daily wellness routine. First, I dry brush in the morning before showering. It’s a great way to boost circulation and wake up your body for the day. Then, I always sip a cup of hot water with the juice of 1/2 a lemon. I opt for a high protein, plant based breakfast and have skipped out on coffee and tea as I whiten my teeth. At the end of the day, I sit for about 5-10 minutes with my legs up against the wall (with my posture in an L shape) to help blood and fluid drain from my feet to help eliminate from the body.

Aside from the above, I’m sampling new products, exercising when I can (I walk everywhere which helps a lot, too), KonMari-ing areas of my home as I have time, and having my fair share of sleepless nights as we go through more baby growth spurts. Spring has been anything but calm, that’s for sure, but these rituals help me take care of myself and also recharge.

Looking for a little further inspiration? Check out my latest book obsession (I’ve read it twice since December). I adopted Buddhist beliefs at the same time that I became a vegetarian and it has been a truly energizing experience.

What are some of your favorite products & how do you practice self-care? Sound off in the comments, I love getting new ideas + recs!

Outfit: Dress, straw hat, statement earrings.

Photography: Marina Bertrand

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