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With summers this warm, you can’t help but wear light fabrics, a big ole wide brim hat, and smile through the sunny afternoons. Warm weather has a way of making me walk a little slower, relax a little longer, and smile a little bigger.  I’m so glad I started my Invisalign treatment back in the spring, my smile is getting better as each balmy Miami day passes by.


Like I said when I first began this journey, a lot of my blog photos were taken with me smizing (i.e. resting b*tch face) rather than giving a big toothy grin. As my treatment has progressed, I’m less caught up about “Is the light hitting my teeth at a funny angle?” or “Do my teeth look crooked?” I’ve been able to be myself, laugh, and love every candid photo and moment. It’s amazing how much your smile can impact your personality.
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My teeth aren’t perfect (yet), but I know they are getting there. I’m so excited for the progress that as already happened, and I know that there’s a straight, beautiful smile waiting for me at the end of treatment. Sure, there are some adjustments, and I have to run to the bathroom or a private space to take out the trays when I want to eat, but it becomes a seamless part of daily life. I got attachments on about 8 of my teeth – including the front 6 – which I was nervous about, but I have to look very closely to even see them. And, I haven’t needed to use gummy wax or anything. Thanks to Dr. Yazji and her team, it’s been a very seamless and easy process!


invisalign braces IMG_2225

Of course, I still do a smize from time to time, *guilty.* Old habits die a little slowly I guess. Thanks for sharing in my Invisalign journey with me! If you have any questions, you can always leave me a comment or send me a message. 😀

On moi: Blouse, silk blend pants, shoulder bag, straw hat, oversized shades. 

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