winter’s {broken} bone

Just when we thought we’d be enjoying breezy (but hot) winter all season long, Mother Nature pulled a fast one on us! Oh, and I broke a bone in my face. Hello, 2016!

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know that the recent posts I put up were from before the Christmas holiday. That’s because I was on bed rest for a few weeks and finally cranked out some posts! Some of you might not be aware, but earlier this month I had a crazy surgery (my first ever!) to repair a broken bone in my face called the zygoma. It’s in between your temple and your eye socket and it also happens to be the second most common broken bone in the face. The surgery was intense all though done the least invasive way possible –all  through my mouth and into the inside of my cheek to pop the bone back into place. It all sort of happened before I even had time to process what was happening to me, but honestly, I think it was better that way. I didn’t have time to worry really, I was so tired from the news of the broken bone that I slept quite soundly in the hospital and enjoyed the quiet hours leading up to the operation. My husband slept in the room, in an uncomfortable cot in the corner, and my uncle came to visit beforehand as well.

The reason I am filling you in on all of this is simple. A lot of social media and blog life focuses on the exciting, chic, envy-inducing stuff. The fabulous parties, the luxe designer clothes, the ambitious side of an often distorted reality. Browse through popular bloggers and their posts and you see comments from adoring fans that read, “outfit goals,” “omg perfect body,” and “why is your life so perfect?!” Social media is not real life, and your Instagram is more like a highlight reel of your ups than a gritty inside look at your downs. People photoshop themselves thinner, whiten their teeth with an app, and filter their photos. For me, I just like to make photos look beautiful. A sky more vibrant, a sharp image, a faded contrast. With that said, I won’t really be sharing my immediate post-surgery swollen face for you, I will say that I’m still in recovery. A bruised eye socket, a swollen cheek, wearing the same pajamas for 48 straight hours–I’ll keep those private. For the past week, since I’ve been back to work, I’ve shared Instagram photos in real time thanks to Jordan Braun, and these photos are from today. This is my almost three weeks after the operation. My stitches are all inside my mouth, so I’m not intentionally trying to smize, I just can’t open my mouth into a full smile yet. It’s day by day. In fact tomorrow, my scalp stitches come out. Yay!

Let’s backtrack. You might be wondering…how do you break a bone in your face? No, I didn’t get punched, I didn’t run into anything–in fact, I fell off of a banana boat and got kneed in the face. Glamorous, I know! I didn’t even know it was broken until I went in to get an x-ray, where they proceeded to tell me I needed surgery. Talk about a morning I was NOT prepared for! There was a lot of crying, mainly out of anxiety. It was my first broken bone, my first surgery, and it all was so unexpected. You just never know, ya know?

Anyway, I’m on the mend. I’m enjoying my soft food diet of ice cream, yogurt, and apple sauce; I can’t wear sunglasses (they rest on the bone that is healing), and I can’t exercise for a few more weeks. So really, this experience just made me bring my life to a slower pace, which isn’t a bad thing. I’m resting. I’m reading (currently: First They Killed My Father). And let’s be honest, I watched a LOT of TV (highly recommend binging on Younger).

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On moi: Striped tee, jean leggings, fringe boots, blanket scarf

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  • Reply Dad 2016/01/26 at 1:15 am

    Morning Misha,

    What you forgot to say was that you had also been very brave and stoic through the whole episode as well. You didn’t blame anyone and just rolled with it. My brave girl.

    love you,


  • Reply Maria Tettamanti 2016/02/07 at 10:45 am

    Whattttt? So happy to hear you’re on the mend. Enjoy that hammock life.

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