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Ever have those mornings where you’re not quite sure what you want to wear? Before you rip your close to shreds, there’s a simple tip I like to follow: veer towards¬†whatever you have that’s of the black and white color scheme. Most of us have a white shirt, black skirt, black shoes– not to mention various versions of these, so it should be an easy habit to take on. Keeping a color palette of black and white still gives you room to personalize your look: stripes with solids, polka dots with florals, black with black, and so on. Point being: black and white is a very basic guideline that still gives you a lot of creative freedom. For that, I love this classic color combo.

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In Miami, we rarely get full blown sweater weather–but we get skirts made of sweater material weather. I know. Say that three times fast. Temps aren’t that cold, but the wind is killer, so a skirt made of substantially heavy fabric can prevent a major wardrobe malfunction. Trust.

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On moi: Shirt, Desigual skirt c/o, boots, sunglasses. xoxo

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