south beach is a jungle

Have you ever visited South Beach? It’s funny, because when I moved to the area 7 years ago, I had never even visited. I came from a small town, Pensacola FL, and I almost moved to L.A., but I decided to stay in Florida. Geographically, Miami and Pensacola are literal opposites in the state, and the differences definitely don’t stop there. Over the years I have grown to view Miami as a city I love, a place I call home, and an area with so many possibilities. I know it’s not for everyone (let’s be honest, nowhere is), but living on the mainland and working on South Beach have given me such great insight into the city. When I travel, I miss it. While of course there are some things I would change (real estate prices, parking options, and AHEM please reopen the Venetian asap), on the whole I can say I am happy with the life we have carved out for ourselves in this sunny city.

Another thing I am fond of? The Miami version of winter.

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