exploring little havana

Wanna know something wild? I have lived in South Florida for almost 8 years and until recently, I had never been to Little Havana. That’s what I love about having friends come to visit! A few weeks ago, I had some guests from California who were excited to get out and see what Miami is all about. They are also big fans of food & drink (like moi), so we decided to make a day of it. It POURED down rain beyond belief, but it just made us slow our pace, sit and enjoy mojitos, sample cigars and coffee, and just enjoy a relaxing day in a vibrant place. I can now say I LOVE Little Havana and I plan to go hang out there frequently. xo

little havana mojitos

IMG_1008 IMG_1028 IMG_0998 unnamed IMG_1064 IMG_1068 IMG_1078

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