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You might have been keeping up with my Invisalign treatment, but if not – here’s a summary. I started treatment in May, and I’m on about tray 10 of 14. Of course, the treatment was quickened thanks to AcceleDent, which you can read about here. It’s amazing how seamlessly the trays have fit into my daily life.

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I wanted to address some FAQs that I’ve been getting regarding the treatment:

Does it hurt?

Honestly, on the first day or two, it hurt. I even questioned what I was doing– are my teeth that crooked? should I do this or not? WHAT HAVE I DONE? I was even Googling, “can your teeth fall out with Invisalign?”  I think it’s because I had braces so long ago, and my teeth had not been forcibly moved in over a decade. But after the first two days, and a little Advil, it wasn’t even noticeable. If I put in my next tray and it’s very tight, I take a little Advil. I also try to put in a new one at bedtime, so that way I sleep through those initial hours of discomfort rather than being wide awake and fully aware.

How do you keep them clean?

It’s definitely easier to keep the trays clean when you wear them for a week (with AcceleDent), versus the traditional two weeks. I have a kit I carry with me that has a toothbrush for my teeth, another toothbrush for the trays, a toothpaste for my teeth, and a clear liquid soap for my trays. When I’m at home, I also use a Tea Tree Oil mouthwash to keep everything fresh. It doesn’t have any harsh chemicals and it is all natural.


Does everyone need attachments?

I can’t really answer this for everyone, but I needed them (about a dozen of them actually), and people I know who use Invisalign all seem to have a few. I was nervous about getting them – but honestly they are pretty hard to see unless you are specifically looking for them. Not to mention, they serve a purpose, and they are great at getting stubborn teeth to move to where they are supposed to be.

Are there diet restrictions?

Well, you don’t eat with them in, first of all. I’d say the restrictions are more in regards to liquids, especially when you get attachments. Let’s say, for example, you want to have a drink with dinner. You want to have things that aren’t going to stain – because you can’t use whitening products when you have attachments, or you’ll risk having spots and stains when the attachments come off. So I stick to clear liquids and white wine/rose rather than a bold red wine. It’s an adjustment, yes, but one that is worth it to me.

Do Invisalign trays make you talk funny?

Try as I might, I can’t shake that tiny lisp that comes with some letters. I just can’t, and I am okay with that. If I have an important call or speech or meeting, I can take my Invisalign trays out for a few minutes. Otherwise, if people notice and they care so much, that’s their problem, not mine.

Do you recommend Invisalign treatment?

I think the obvious answer is a resounding YES. Whatever your reason is for wanting straighter teeth, go for it. I’ve discussed my reasons, and now that I have them I’ve had friends who have commented on how straight my smile is now. Really, if your teeth are crooked it’s likely they are going to continue to move and get more out of whack, mine started shifting and it continued over the years. The sooner you get treatment, the sooner you can grin ear to  ear and enjoy the benefits of a straight and beautiful smile.

Have other questions? Just ask!

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