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Like a lot of people, I had braces as a teenager. Also like a lot of people, I didn’t do much in the area of wearing my retainers after my braces came off. That’s why, a decade later, I’m embarking on a new adventure: Invisalign. While my teeth aren’t terrible, they are crooked enough to bother me. I find myself generally “smizing” in photos rather than smiling, because when shadows hit my teeth at certain angles they look quite bad, in my opinion. Like other bones in your body, teeth age. They move, they shift. Now, at age 30, it became clear to me that my teeth were only going to continue to move, and it was time to do something about it.

Erika Thomas

I met with Dr. Yazji in Brickell, here in Miami, and had a consultation & impressions made. I have been wearing my first trays for about a week now, and I can already feel my teeth moving. I’m wearing them in these photos, I’m amazed at how seamlessly they fit into my everyday life.

Erika Thomas Invisalign

What I also love is that Dr. Yazji has answers to the questions you want to know when starting a program like Invisalign. Will it hurt? Will my diet be restricted? Can I drink anything with them in? She also provided me with a video that shows how my teeth should shift over the next few months.

I am excited to share my Invisalign adventure with you, and I am also excited to have straight teeth again! I’m also looking forward to a big, toothy smile. Stay tuned. xx

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On moi: Spacedye dress, Le Specs shades. Photos by Jordan Braun.

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