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Sometimes it’s best to wear simple items of clothing and let your accessories do the talking. I’ve found this is a good approach when putting together outfits for a casual setting (such as my workplace) where even a pencil skirt can make me feel overdressed. With accessories, you can add or take away until you’ve got the look you feel is right. So today, I started with a simple black t-shirt and fitted pair of classic blue jeans. Rather than grab flats, I opted for these fabulous (and surprisingly comfortable) Proenza Schouler platform sandals and delicate magnetic gold bracelet. Still looking for something more, I put on this amazing snake print necklace (featured in trend watch from recent issue of Time Out New York) and grabbed my trusted RM for a complete look.

I have a few key rules of accessorizing:

1. You MUST have it all organized! To really know what to pile on or match together, you need it all separated in front of you by type, color, and whatever else works. One of the best ways to do this is to color code bags, hang necklaces (I use a mounted tie rack), and keep bracelets together by metal or color, and ditto for earrings. Scarves and sunglasses should also be stored together for easy rotation. Then you know exactly where to grab what you are looking for and you can scoot on out the door!

2. Get rid of old fashion rules. Just because forever ago someone said you can’t mix metals or earrings shouldn’t be worn at the same time as a statement necklace or whatever, try it and see how it looks. Take a pic on your iPhone. If it looks silly on camera, choose the piece you like best. Sometimes the most glamorous photos feature women wearing 3 necklaces or 5 bracelets and 2 rings, etc. Play around with it and wear what you love!

3. Steer clear of low quality jewelry. Unless it is Halloween or a bachelorette party or something and you only plan to wear the jewelry once, old jewelery LOOKS and SMELLS cheap. It turns your skin green from a few hours of wear, and it smells brassy and gross. Get a few classic pieces you can wear on a regular basis and build a well curated costume/statement jewelry collection from there. Buying accessories can prove more cost effective than buying a bunch of clothes, and they won’t take over your closet like a bunch of apparel will. PLUS, lose 10 lbs or gain 5, accessories will generally always still fit!

erika thomas blah blah blondegemma simone badu necklacemiami fashion blogOn moi: Old Navy tee & jeans, Gucci sunglasses, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Proenza Schouler sandals, Gemma Simone “Badu” necklace, Dafne gold magnetic bracelet, Zoya nail polish in Shelby.

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  • Reply wendy anderson 2013/06/13 at 10:14 pm

    Love your hair! Love the last picture also!

  • Reply Gissi Jimenez 2013/06/14 at 1:45 pm

    Great post! It is so important to keep the accessories all organized for the most part if I don’t see it I don’t remember owning it.

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