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Right now, there is a fabulous campaign taking place involving makeup master Bobbi Brown. Luckily, I’ve been tapped to help spread the word about this empowering campaign for women across the world. The idea is for women to explore what makes them feel powerful–what gives them confidence. I’ve decided to write a little about my mom as my source of pretty powerful inspiration.

My mom has been an overwhelming support system for me throughout my entire life. She would literally do anything for me! Though sometimes we bicker, as mothers and daughters tend to do, I know she’s always on my side and my #1 fan through the good and the bad.

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My mom in Key West

My mom has taught me to be savvy, kind, thrifty, and to always remember to laugh. Basically, she has taught me to be PRETTY POWERFUL on a day to day basis, and to always remember that we are stronger than we may realize. I’ve been blessed to have a mother who truly cares about the well-being of people and animals alike, and who speaks her mind. For these reasons, and many more, my mother instilled the pretty powerful traits that I try to exemplify today.

Get Involved!

NOW, it’s your turn. Who or what makes you feel powerful? It can be anyone, from a family member to a friend, to someone you feel connected to and may not personally know. Head over to Bobbi Brown’s website where you can submit and vote in the contest as Bobbi Brown searches for her next pretty powerful face. Click the URL to check it out:

Also, I will be doing a Twitter giveaway for a fabulous Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful makeup palette.  All you have to do is tweet @itsmeerikat about who or what makes you feel powerful, and you have to use the hashtag #prettypowerful in your tweet. The contest will run for one week, ending Wednesday, October 19th at 10am eastern.

The palette (retail value $60) is designed to be your go to makeup for day & night, complete with eyeshadows in Ivory, Pink Chiffon, Pink Flannel, and Chocolate Caviar. Blush: Pretty Pink. Lip Colors: Soiree Pink, Bubble Bath, and Sandwash Pink.

Remember, it’s not about your makeup, your clothes, or what you have on the outside. Being pretty powerful means you’ve embraced who you are on the inside…and that kind of pretty is the best kind of pretty! Use you makeup to accentuate who you are, not hide it. You are all beautiful–now who taught you to be that way? 😉

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  • Reply wendy 2011/10/12 at 6:45 pm

    How sweet Erika. Your words and inspiration means so much to me. I remember that picture being taken (by you) at the Pink Flamingo in they Keys.
    I am so proud of you and Chris. Such blessings in my live.
    Love, mom

  • Reply business review 2011/10/16 at 8:17 am

    I loved to dress up and make myself pretty whenever I had the chance and that love for beauty was with me as I grew up. .My love for makeup started as early as my very young years when I would see my mom put eyelid tape on her eyelids and sport really pretty eye makeup. She told me that during her younger years alot of people would compliment her for her pretty eye makeup.

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