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Some random photos from breakfast…man I love breakfast!


Well…here they are. The night it all went down, my last night in Colombia! 🙂

i love my outfit, even though i sort of look like an extra from Rent

immediately after the exchanging of the ring 🙂

at a martini bar prior….probably burning a hole in his pocket…

check out that cheeeeeese! SMILE!

stealing the olives from my 007 martini (no really, that’s what it was called)

at dinner: amazing champagne sauce halibut, seafood lasagna…vino y plenty of apps yummmm…a total five course meal in a beautiful restaurant overlooking Bogota


so brooding in the candlelight

moments before the proposal

taking a lookbook pic at the bar

and….TA DA! I’m a committed woman!

isnt it beautiful? and don’t my nails look fab? Perfect ending to a fabulous trip.


On me: Dress from the Limited, scarf from WalMart, tights & socks from Target, boots from Target, hat from Forever 21, Jacket from Wet Seal

la finca

Here are some shots of la casa en la paisa La Mesa we went to for a short excursion.  I love city life, but it was nice to get out of the traffic and the bustle and into the serenity of the mountains. It’s crazy that an hour outside of Bogota (which is cold) is such a warm place. Novio says it has something to do con las montañas

headed to the pool with Elle Espana in tow…

i love the way my camera lens focuses on flowers…

la piscina

la nueva casa…..check out the view over the balcony!


Novio and I at a market en route to La Mesa

un perrito trying to get Novio’s hermano to feed him… poor baby!

Novio with fresh fruits from the market


The night in Colombia that truly killed me. Tequila + Aguardiente = one wicked hangover. We went to a bar/restaraunt called Andres and celebrated the birthday of a friend of Novio’s. It was great to spend time with all his friends from back home! I can’t wait to return to Colombia, it is truly a beautiful place.