Reflecting on My Experience with DeliverLean

A few weeks have gone by and I am going through prepared meal withdrawals. There is a certain calm that comes with DeliverLean food delivery service knowing that your food is made with fresh ingredients and without preservatives, and that you don’t have to worry about what to cook or what to buy at the grocery store! I also love how the meals are prepared with a health-conscious take and everything you’re eating is packed with nutrients and vitamins. Plus, the convenience alone of just popping it in the microwave and having a gourmet chef-prepared meal ready at your whimsy is something I could truly get used to!

I was not looking to lose weight, per se, just interested in eating better. As a result of the DeliverLean plan I lost 5 pounds over about a week–all from eating the set meals! I worked out a little bit, but I hate it–so to lose weight from eating better is certainly a plus in my book! I never went hungry either, as the meals were packed with protein and fiber and designed to make you feel full longer.

Wanna try it for yourself? Sign up for 1 month ($24.99 per day) and use the promo code BLOGGER and you’ll get 3 additional days free!

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