all smiles into october

October is here, which means fall in many parts of the country. For us, it means continued summer temperatures and also little bouts of tropical storm warnings. Despite the fickle fall weather, I’m all smiles thanks to the progress I have made with Invisalign!

invisalign blogger

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reasons to smile more

Summertime is all about beach days, big hats, and days filled with laughter. I’ve been smiling bigger and laughing more, thanks to my summer adventure with Invisalign. While it’s no secret that I’ve been undergoing Invisalign treatment the past few months, having a straight smile is only one way to become happier.

erika thomas blogger

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floral / denim

August is quite the warm month in Miami. So much so, that you really have to look for the loosest and lightest fabrics you can to survive the outdoors. I love this loose chambray tank & ruffled wrap skirt, both of which allow me to stay breezy and stylish even when it feels like 99+ outside.

erika thomas miami

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