Quite simply, I titled this Wednesday because I’ve already asked half a dozen times what today is. So this is my note to myself. It’s quite nippy here in South Florida, something like 40 degrees in the morning. Doubled up on scarves, t-shirts and of course wearing some lovely acid washed 80s jeans and combat/cowboy-ish boots. No photo, but I know it sounds just lovely, right?

Anyhow, I just realized I never figured out my New Year’s resolutions, which kind of throws punctuality and organization out of the game already. Shit. So let’s see…

1. Eat better. I know everyone says some form of this- eat better/work out more/drop 20 lbs or whatever. Eating better is something I really should do because I always get a case of the guiltys after I eat junk anyway. Unless its pure, unadulterated chocolate.

Today's lunch, lettuce w a bunch of veggies on top. Yum!

2. Commit to 3 Days/Week of Yoga. I have been seriously slacking on the zen-honing areas of my life, and after watching Shit Yogis Say I was reminded how much I too like referencing my third eye and Kombucha. So, 2012 I am back to full-on yogini status. The great thing about my work is I can come in 30 minutes early and leave earlier to make it in time for yoga class. Talk about peace. I think combined with my healthy diet and my new Clarisonic face magician, I should be beaming with inner and outer beauty (and sanity). Check back with me in 6 months to verify.

If you've ever even heard the word yoga, you'll find this funny

3. Spend More Time with my Boys! Seen here, sleeping, while I toil away at cleaning and cooking. Just kidding, I was only Instagramming.But seriously, more time taking little dude to the dog park/beach and more time with Andres doing fun stuff and going new places. Miami’s an exciting area and we’ve been slacking on venturing out.

Dallas and Andres, takin a snoozer

4. De-clutter. This is the mother of all resolutions for me, I think I make it every year. BUT THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT! Out with the junk and in with the funk. Or something. Actually, literally, I am throwing out things that I really have no business hanging on to. Like my desktop computer from college that has no keyboard, mouse, or desk to be appropriately positioned on. Now’s the time for laptops and iPads and whatever else doesn’t require a designated area of my home. Oh, and in the spirit of de-cluttering, I am cleaning out a pair of old black shoes to make way for these (gratuitous shoe pic):

Marc Jacobs...swoon

New Marc Jacobs shoes. At a ridiculously reasonable price. Frugality and 2012 go together, if you haven’t heard.

Once again… HAPPY 2012 TO ALL!

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