I’m dreaming of…

No, not a White Christmas. Unless you mean the whitest beaches in Florida kind of white Christmas. You see, I don’t do cold weather so well. It’s funny, because as much as I love winter clothes and accessories, I don’t actually like when it’s so damn cold you can’t function without 5 layers to keep you warm.

I said I wanted an iPad for Christmas but apparently I should second guess it so I’ve been perusing the internet for other things I’d love. Luxe goods are best when they are gifted from someone else, so you can imagine where my interests took me…

Here are the items I am lusting after:

Each beautiful and decadent on their own… could you imagine wearing & using them all at once?! I can definitely envision it. Okay, so a faux fur bag on the beach might be a little over the top…but also so fab. Now you know what to get me, loved ones!

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