my style signature: stripes & a smile

When it comes to personal style, everyone has their “thing.” For some, it’s a red lip, for some it’s great fitting denim, for others it might be a classic button down blouse. For me, it’s usually stripes & a big smile.

erika thomas

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smiling through summer

With summers this warm, you can’t help but wear light fabrics, a big ole wide brim hat, and smile through the sunny afternoons. Warm weather has a way of making me walk a little slower, relax a little longer, and smile a little bigger.  I’m so glad I started my Invisalign treatment back in the spring, my smile is getting better as each balmy Miami day passes by.


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counting sheep // summer work wear

Here in Miami, summer is in full swing. When it’s not raining, its 93 and sunny by noon. Indoors, air conditioning is cranked up to compensate for the killer heat. Needless to say, dressing for work becomes quite an interesting obstacle! Your best bet? Dress for the heat and bring a sweater along.

Erika Thomas 3

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