navy snakeskin

I’m not a huge fan of reptiles, but give me a navy and neon silk snake print top and I’ll wear it with excitement. I’ve been wearing a lot of black lately, so I figured the time was right to shake things up a little and rock a little navy. With black accessories. Lol. This top was an amazing score, so amazing in fact, that it sold out. In fact, the light silk and the sheer sleeves make it kind of the ideal work wardrobe blouse, because it’s breezy enough to be outdoors but also offers coverage to keep it professional. Thankfully, there are very similar styles still in stock (but going fast) like this sweater and this blouse. Paired with an easy scuba skater skirt, sandals, and my trusty staple accessories, I feel like I am finding my own style within a corporate culture. Thank the Lord I don’t have to wear pantsuits or other frumpy stuff! This was one of my last warm looks before this cold front swept in and required me to start wearing pants. Come back, sun! IMG_4009-002 Continue Reading…

pink // floral // prada

It’s been a whirlwind since we’ve moved, and despite all of the amazing inspiration on every corner for shooting it gets a little tricky to set aside the time to take blog photos. Thankfully, my photog cruised down here yesterday and we were able to have a slightly productive photo session in between cocktails. These shorts were a recent purchase and I have to say, I’ve gotten a fair amount of wear from them in the last few weeks, and my last post shared my love for these Saint Lauren sunglasses. But the real superstar of this look is my fabuloso birthday present… the Prada bag my husband gave me! I was totally not expecting it, but I am so happy and grateful for it! For pics from my birthday and also daily looks between blog posts, be sure to check out my Instagram.

erika thomas blogger

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sunny days

Is it just me, or does it feel like the weekend is already here? Maybe it’s the fact that this is my birthday week, but I am all smiles. We got a ‘cold front’ here in Miami and basically it means you can walk a few blocks (rather than a fraction of one) before you start to overheat. I think the low is about 70, which is exactly the type of weather I want so I am totally okay with this shift! Speaking of shifts, this dress is by far one of my most favorite purchases lately. I already posted it on Instagram a few weeks back, but I feel like it deserved a little more love. It was an amazing steal, and I am always open to adding more black and white (and designer) to my wardrobe.

I also have to give some maaaajor love to my new designer sunglasses. Ever since receiving them, they have been on my face! I love the classic style, plus black sunglasses are so chic–especially when they are Saint Laurent. In Miami Beach, a great pair of sunglasses are essential–and cheap-o glasses simply won’t suffice. I personally love glasses from Smart Buy Glasses because they ship quick and they have an amazing designer selection.

So… here’s to the ALMOST weekend, and happy early birthday to MOI!

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finally fall

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ariat ankle boots

I was asked to wear & share a pair of Ariat boots, and though the boots were gifted to me by Ariat, my thoughts on wearing them are purely my own.

Here in Miami, we get warm weather year round. It’s basically a blessing and a curse, because sometimes you (I) want to wear the cute winter clothes and shoes that sit idle in your (my) closet. This weekend, the temperature dipped to like.. the mid 70s, meaning it wasn’t completely ridiculous to wear ankle boots. Still too warm for jeans, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. These Ariat ankle boots are both comfortable and stylish, and thanks to the elastic panels rather than complicated zippers, they are easy to pull on and off. This is obviously important for me, because guess what I do as soon as I get home? Take off my shoes! I also love the detailed stitching and the feel–there is definitely no mistaking, these boots are high quality and built to last. Not familiar with Ariat? Since 1993, Ariat has designed technically advanced footwear for top equestrian athletes, setting the standard for performance and innovation worldwide. That means that these boots are not only fashion forward, but they are practical, too. Ankle boots like these are a definite wardrobe staple, especially because they can be dressed up or down. A great, well-made pair of boots (ankle or otherwise) will also have a long-standing place in your wardrobe. Quality definitely overrides quantity when it comes to your footwear, and boots are certainly no exception. They can be casual for daytime, or you can wear them to dinner in the evening. Some pairs can even be work shoes! Bonus: they go well with everything from sundresses to skinny jeans, and everything in between. You can browse more Ariat cowboy boots here. Continue Reading…